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What is Heliocentrism?

Introduction.     Heliocentrism [Copernicanism], at the heart of the Church's "Galileo affair" back in the 17th century, is an hypothesis unproven by empirical science and contends that though we see the Sun "rise" and "set", the Sun is really not moving at all, but rather, that the Earth is moving at a speed fast enough to have it make a complete annual orbit around the Sun. The pre-Galileo Church decrees upheld Geocentrism, a position which holds that the Earth is the center of the universe. and that the rest of the universe makes a complete annual revolution around the Earth Holy Scripture makes a number of references to a geocentric Earth but not even a hint at Heliocentrism. In recent years Heliocentrism has been changed to "A-Centrism", a contention in scientific circles that, though Earth is not the center, neither is the Sun.
Paul Ellwanger 
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